5 Tips to Boost Quality and Performance in your Contact Center

The objective of boosting contact center performance is an ongoing one. While you may have weekly or monthly meetings with agents and managers to explore what is working and what needs attention, these are issues that should be part of your focus every working day.Here are 5 more tips to discuss at your next efficiency meeting.

1. Redefining Quality

You may have a definition for what constitutes a quality customer interaction, but is that description shared by your customers? There’s only one way to find out – ask them. You may be surprised by some of the responses, and you may wish to incorporate their answers into your agent training.

2. Reward Outstanding Performance

If your contact center provides quality evaluation scores for each agent, turn that practice into a contest. High scores would receive drawing tickets, and once a month or once every quarter, a winning ticket can be drawn, and the winner would receive a cash prize, a dinner for two, or some other reward.

3. Don’t Settle for Average

Your contact center probably has an average performance level, which is adequate to get the job done. But too many companies settle for this, and only become concerned when the numbers drop. Make ‘average’ your baseline, and strive for something better. Before long, your new ‘average’ will be much higher than the previous standard.

4. Have Agents Choose Reviewed Calls

For training sessions, ask that each agent select a recorded call that went well, and one that could have been handled better. This helps with agent self-evaluation.

5. Post Calls Online

What better way to show how well your contact center treats customers than to make some calls available to the contact center team? These examples will also serve new agents well as a reference tool. If you want to learn more about how to easily record and score calls follow this link for an online tour.