5 Tips for Offering Great Customer Service

If you ask most people about the customer service they receive, whether it’s at the bank or the cable company or when they call into a contact center, expect to hear more horror stories than compliments. Sadly, we are now in an age when great customer service is the exception, not the rule. Take this an opportunity to distinguish your call center and build a loyal customer base by providing a level of service that those over 40 once took for granted, and those under 40 may have never experienced before.  [more] Here are 5 tips for getting started. 1. Deliver as Promised Different companies focus on different priorities when it comes to customer service. Focus on those aspects most valued by your company and its customers. Specify those values and make sure all employees are familiar with them, and all new hires are trained with them in mind. Incorporate these values into a consistent process so they will be addressed automatically on each customer call. 2. Employee Training Managers can set customer service policy, but it’s the contact center agents that must put that plan into action. Make it as easy as possible for them to do so by providing the tools and guidance they need to excel at their job. Prepare them for customer questions, and make sure they have the capability to solve customer problems quickly. 3. Morale If an employee is happy to come to work, he or she is far more likely to do a better job. This can be more of a challenge given the repetitious nature of call center work, and having to deal with angry and impatient callers. But morale can be maintained through open communication between agents and managers, employee incentives for outstanding work, and plenty of positive feedback. 4. Monitor for Consistency Once your customer service guidelines are in place and agents have been trained accordingly, monitoring is necessary for consistent application. Doing so will require agent oversight as well as soliciting feedback from customers. 5. Measure Actually this should be 4a, as it could fall under customer service monitoring. It’s important to select and review the metrics that are most pivotal to a call center’s customer service effort. This makes it easier to determine if your goals are being met, and also helps to pinpoint which areas may need attention. These metrics vary by call center, but will likely include the agent’s attitude and ability to listen to a customer’s issue, how quickly it was resolved (preferably on the first try), and taking steps to prevent similar issues later on. For more information about customer service quality monitoring and measuring, we invite you to watch this video about about call recording essentials for contact centers.