5 Tips for More Effective Quality Monitoring

Contact center quality monitoring begins with establishing goals, then creating a plan for achieving them. These are decisions that can be made among call center management, but agents must be involved early and often. Clear communication is necessary to let them know what is expected of them. Here are 5 tips for more effective contact center quality monitoring.

1. Develop a Strategy

What does “quality” really mean for your organization? The more clearly and precisely this objective can be defined, the better the chance it will be achieved.

2. Scorecards

Scoring calls – grading them on a number of criteria – provides the raw data that illustrates each agent’s virtues and faults. Quality monitoring scorecards can be a valuable reference tool for determining which call center agents are doing well, which are missing key components of their customer interaction, and which need additional training.

3. Team Meetings

Talk about quality in team meetings. Often these discussions uncover areas of concern that may not be tracked by any system.

4. Use Automated Tools

A quality monitoring effort will be successful based on how well it incorporates call recording, scorecards and screen capturing.

Call recording software provides a source of great calls and terrible ones, both of which can be used in training.

Quality scorecards measure performance on every aspect of a call, from the greeting and the close to the agent’s command of center policies, product information and ability to answer questions and resolve issues.

Screen capturing adds a record of synchronized video, which provides insight into after-call activities, and can expedite the training process by allowing new agents a chance to watch superstars in action.

5. Create a Quality Culture

The more agents are involved in the quality monitoring process, the easier it will be for them to comprehend what is expected of them, and reach the best practice standards specified by the company. The goal is to create a culture of quality bottom up and top down.