5 Tips for more Effective Coaching with Call Recording

Call recordings can play a vital role in training new contact center agents, and coaching experienced agents on where they can improve performance and customer service. Here are five tips on how to select and employ recorded calls to make the most of these coaching sessions.

1. Review Both Good and Bad Calls

Finding examples of excellent agent-customer interaction is an obvious means of showing agents how different types of calls should be handled. But sometimes it’s possible to learn just as much from an unsuccessful call. After listening, coaches should ask the agent what was done wrong, and how the situation could have been handled better.

2. Focus on Positive Feedback

Reviewing an agent’s calls with that agent can be an uncomfortable experience, especially early on when mistakes may be more prevalent. It’s important when providing correction to do so in an encouraging way, to instill confidence in that agent that they’re still on the right track.

3. Identify Areas of Improvement

While every call is unique, all calls can be divided into categories (orders, complaints, questions) and into sections (greeting, close, obtaining information). Doing so can make coaching and training sessions more efficient, as it allows coaches to analyze specific types and parts of calls with the agent, and pinpoint areas where performance can be improved.

4. Create an Individual Training/Coaching Plan

Different agents will have different strengths and weaknesses, so a “one size fits all” training session is impractical. Develop a plan for each agent that focuses on the skills most in need of improvement, whether that is adherence to a script, courtesy, patience, or product/service knowledge.

5. Encourage Self-Evaluation

While personalized coaching is important, recorded calls can also allow agents to review their own performances, and learn from their mistakes without the involvement of a manager. The best agents will eventually realize where they need help and make corrections before being informed to do so by their employers.

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