5 More Benefits of Speech Analytics

In several previous blogs we’ve listed some of the ways in which speech analytics could improve customer service at your contact center. We’ll link a couple of those at the end of this piece in case you missed them.

But before you take a look, here are some additional benefits of contact center analytics. Isn’t it time you started taking advantage of them?

1. Anticipating (and Eliminating) Follow-Up Calls

How many times have you purchased something that worked fine, but there was still some confusion over one of its functions, or how to complete some tasks, that necessitated a follow-up call with the manufacturer? Speech analytics will track patterns where such questions come up frequently, so its possible for agents to provide information about this issue at the time of purchase. That reduces call volume while helping customers avoid the frustration of having to contact you again.

2. Keeping Up With Competitors

“You know, Cheapo Electronics has the same product you’re offering for $20 less.” Speech analytics captures these comments, so they can be passed on to marketing and sales teams. Thus, if you’re losing business to a competitor, you can react with your own discount and keep those customers.

3. Cutting Through the Clutter

There’s a problem somewhere – a disconnect in how your agents are handling calls that is having a negative effect on customer service – but it is difficult to pinpoint the specific issue with so many variables. A speech analytics solution is able to sift through thousands of calls based on a wide range of parameters, from call duration and repeat calls to the use of specific words in conversations. With this data, it may be easier to find the reason for the disconnect – and get rid of it.

4. Finding Stress in Speech Patterns

Many of us tend to talk faster when we’re upset. And while you might think angry people usually talk louder, there are some that express their frustration in low, even tones, as if they’re trying to keep a lid on their emotions. Speech analytics can help managers interpret the amount of stress in customer voices, so that information is delivered to agents who can then respond accordingly.

5. Reducing Reliance on Surveys

Today, your customers are inundated with unwanted phone calls and emails asking them to “participate in a short survey.” This will inevitably lead to more people ignoring these requests, which is not good for you marketing analysis efforts. But speech analytics can pick up the slack, by delivering that insight into customer attitudes without agents having to ask for it.

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