3 Reasons to Use Workforce Management Tools

When you really think about it, there isn’t any aspect of the call center experience that is not enhanced by quality Workforce Management (WFM) tools. Ask any manager about their goals, and you’ll probably hear something like: •    Better customer service and customer satisfaction •    Higher productivity, preferably accompanied by lower costs •    Employee motivation and transparency Workforce Management tools can’t do it alone, but it can certainly make these goals more attainable by providing call center managers and supervisor more insights and and a better way to plan and react based on call pattern and other events. Better Customer Service WFM generates accurate call volume forecasting from historical data and ACD integration. It also creates flexible schedules that incorporate foreseen and unforeseen variables, agent exceptions, intra-day changes to both forecasting and scheduling, and performance management reports. When forecasting and scheduling are done right, customer service improves. Another reason to use workforce management tools is call routing, so agents with specific skills are available to take the calls they are most qualified to receive. Higher Productivity By creating optimized employee schedules, WFM improves productivity while reducing call center costs triggered by over-staffing or under-staffing. And in addition to forecasting and scheduling, WFM also creates data on call answer times, first call resolutions, transfer rates and other key metrics that are the key to consistent productivity. Employee Motivation With WFM, staff satisfaction will increase, as the system eliminates the uncertainty of manual scheduling, allowing agents to manage their own schedules and set their own schedule preferences as a reward for outstanding performance. By establishing a ranking system, agents are motivated to do a better job. If you are still using spreadsheets and consider a workforce management system, we encourage you to read one of the following whitepapers: