2019 Contact Center Trends: Is Your Business Ready?

Trends are tricky things.

Contact center managers will find no shortage of opinions online about “the next big thing” in business philosophy or technology. You’d be surprised how many websites promote a “hot new trend” that coincidentally requires the product they hope you’ll buy.

We’ve reviewed several 2019 outlook pieces, and these are the 2019 contact center trends we think have the most merit.

  1. Analytics (Yes, again!)

Agency analytics software is not new but its still a growing interest at contact centers. It delivers the kind of data that cannot be gathered through other means, and provides a more accurate picture of a company’s customers, and how satisfied they are with the products and services offered.

What’s new in agency analytics for 2019? The shift from using the data generated to assess the status quo, to predicting what customers are going to want in the future – and getting a head start on meeting those expectations.

  1. Expediting Omni-Channel Transitions

Most contact centers have embraced omni-channel by now, but having the different communication channels in place is just the beginning.

It’s great that customers can switch from live-chat to email or social media to live chat, but now they expect this process to be handled without having to start over with their name, address, order number, etc. The whole point of omni-channel is to streamline these engagements. If each switch requires going back to square one, it is not having the desired effect.

  1. More Reliance on Self-Service

Let’s face it – a lot of your customers really don’t want to talk to your agents. Nothing personal – it just takes longer to get stuff done that way than achieving the same outcome online. In fact, Gartner predicts that consumers will manage 85 percent of the relationship between themselves and a business without interacting with a single human by 2020.

That year 2020 used to seem like it was a long way from here – but not anymore. This is what customers want – so try to make it as easy as possible for them to get the information they need online.

  1. Next Generation IVRs

Can the IVR ever be more than a necessary evil? With the ascendance of speech recognition software and artificial intelligence, it’s possible that those “please hold” messages can be elevated into a system that connects callers to the help they need more efficiently.

If you’re ready to discover the benefits of speech analytics, here’s what Monet has to offer.

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