2018 Contact Center Survey Results

For the first time in six years, the online magazine Contact Center Pipeline conducted a technology-based survey about the state of the industry. Six years is a long time given the speed at which technology changes – so how did the more than 200 contact center professionals respond this time around?

Here are some of the 2018 contact center trends:

Contact Centers and the Cloud

One out of every three contact centers has now implemented cloud technology. Of the remaining two-thirds, most are open to considering a shift to the cloud in the future. Generally, contact centers with more agents are more eager to adopt a cloud solution. However, smaller centers can also benefit from the advanced capabilities that the cloud provides.

Cost or Features?
Six years ago, the most significant factor in contact centers investing in new technology was cost (82%). Now that the cloud has reduced the size of upfront investment, the primary concern is what features and functions the new tech has to offer.

Why Upgrade?

Not surprisingly, 50% of contact centers surveyed invested in new technology because what they were using had become outdated. New solutions were necessary to meet the challenges of omnichannel support. For many, the best way to stay current is by acquiring a workforce optimization solution.

The Challenge of Implementation

One thing that hasn’t changed since 2012 is the difficulty of adding some new technology solutions into an existing infrastructure. The percentage of responses reporting frustration at this problem has remained consistent. Perhaps as more contact centers move to the cloud, the number will begin to drop.

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