12 Tips to Ramp Up Contact Center Performance

A good contact center manager is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve customer service and performance. Here are 12 tips that might be helpful. Some are a little outside the box, but sometimes that is where the best ideas can be found. 

1. An office makeover
Will a more colorful workspace and new office furniture make a difference in how agents perform? Studies have shown that most people are more comfortable and motivated in appealing surroundings. 

2. Call your competitors
Have your agents and supervisors pose as customers and call competing businesses. Find out how they handle typical situations. Doing so will provide a better sense of how your company is doing, as well as more insight into the customer experience. 
3. The magic wand
Ask everyone in the contact center, “If you had a magic wand, what is the one change you would make here?” You may be surprised at some of the answers. 

4. The challenge of the week
Every week, focus on one specific goal where improvement could be made. 

5. Email follow-up
If a customer had a difficult call with an agent, follow up via email with that customer, even if the situation was ultimately resolved over the phone. It’s a nice gesture that will be appreciated. 

6. Start the day with a team meeting
Team meetings are always helpful, but once the workday begins it is difficult to get everyone assembled. The best time for these events is just before the shift begins. 

7. Role swapping
Have a manager and an agent switch jobs for one day. Doing so may renew the appreciation each has for the work of their counterpart.
8. Celebrate the small successes
Agents do many things in the course of their shift that are beneficial to the company. Pick out 1-2 of these smaller successes and make sure they are recognized.  

9. Share customer feedback
When feedback is received via survey or email, whether positive or negative, make sure it is shared among all agents, managers and supervisors. This will provide important discussion topics at the next team meeting. 

10. Suggestion box
The suggestion box been around for decades, but it is still effective because it offers a means for agents to provide feedback in a way that is anonymous. 

11. Choose your own reward
Employee incentives are always a good idea, as long as the incentives are really something that would be appreciated. A vegetarian would not want to be rewarded with dinner for two at a steakhouse. Offer agents the chance to create their own rewards (within reason, of course!)

12. Team building competitions
Boys against the girls? East coast natives vs. west coast? There are several ways to divide the agents of one shift into teams, and have a friendly competition on general service or specific KPIs. Make sure the winning team is recognized (see previous tip).