10 Tips for Better Call Center Agent Retention

An excellent call center agent is an important asset that adds value to the company. Finding and keeping these assets is one of the most imperative functions of call center management. Here are 10 tips to help retain call center employees.

call center agent retention


1. Hire the Right Employees

Retaining quality agents begins with hiring quality agents. Those who start out with the required experience, personality and skills for call center work are more likely to become the type of agents worth keeping.

2.  Open Communication

Agents who feel separated from management are less likely to feel a strong sense of company loyalty. Make sure they know that managers are available to discuss their concerns or address any issues.

3. Competitive Salary

This is obvious, but no less important.

4. Challenge Them

As call centers become contact centers, there are opportunities to challenge agents to master other forms of customer interaction, including online chat and email. Learning new skills benefits both the agent and the call center.

5. Management Support

In addition to open communication (#2), managers should also nurture, encourage and support their agents to encourage loyalty and consistent job performance. Consider using workforce scheduling tools to automate repetitive tasks and have more time to interact with your staff.

6. Encourage Self Training

While coaching and training should be a regular part of the agent experience, agents should also be able to use call recording software to review their own performances and make changes as needed. They will also appreciate the trust you show in them by allowing them to correct their own mistakes.

7. Boost Morale

There are a number of team-building activities, seminars, outings and other activities that can improve agent morale and built a team spirit outlook.

8. Provide the Right Tools

Agents work best when they have the technology that makes their jobs easier. Call recording software, workforce management and quality assurance solutions not only benefit managers, but agents as well.

9. Schedule Flexibility

The more an agent is able to adjust their hours to deal with personal issues or make their life outside the office more stable, the more likely they are to remain with a company that takes their personal needs into consideration.

10. Don’t Accept “Acceptable” Turnover

Call centers average a 30% turnover rate, but that’s no reason to accept such substantial attrition. If your call center is at 25% turnover, set a goal to lower that to 20% in six months or one year.

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