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Cloud Workforce Optimization
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Verint Monet: Cloud Workforce Optimization Software for Contact Centers & Help Desks

Our cloud-based call center workforce optimization software enables our customers to focus on what they do best: deliver a world-class customer experience.

What is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce management in a contact center or help desk is the art and science of having the right number of employees with the right skills at the right times, to meet accurately forecasted volumes of work at a predetermined service level with minimized costs. Workforce management is a critical task for contact centers/ help desks, as poor planning and execution can have a negative impact on your business (revenues, cost), your customers (satisfaction) and even your employees (motivation/burn-out).

Call Center Workforce Management

Verint Monet Workforce Management (WFM) solution incorporates forecasting, scheduling, agent communication, and adherence to optimize your workforce resources. Service and efficiency are enhanced when call center workforce management software chooses the right numbers of agents with the necessary skills to take care of your customers every day.

Workforce Optimization

Verint Monet Workforce Optimization (WFO) is a unified product suite that enables organizations to improve customer experience, improve agent productivity, identify performance gaps, and empower your workforce to deliver outstanding and efficient customer service.

Verint Monet WFO software includes Workforce Management, Call Recording, Screen Capture, Quality Management, and Performance Management.

Workforce Management for Salesforce

Verint Monet WFM for Salesforce integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Service Cloud or Sales Cloud case management systems to provide an advanced omnichannel WFM solution directly from Salesforce. Contact centers and help desks can optimize their internal organization and scheduling processes, while dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and service levels.

Quality Management

Verint Monet Quality Management is an integrated cloud solution that can help you improve the quality of interactions between your customers and employees. Listen to the calls that matter, to accurately address gaps in knowledge, proficiency and adherence to process, customer empathy, and more.

After having Verint Monet, we can never go back. It’s a very intuitive solution to use, especially the way the exports are done. It makes everything easier.

Jesse Holder, Workforce Management Specialist at Club Med.

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